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A Christmas Surprise - True Story, Content Writer India

A Christmas Surprise - True Story, Content Writer India

Radhika opened the door of her flat as the door bell rang on Christmas morning. Her mother was in the kitchen preparing breakfast. 

"Who is it Radhika?" her  mother asked. "I can't recognize her but she seems familiar," replied Radhika. Olivia was a middle-aged lady with twinkling eyes and a beautiful smile. "Did you recognise me maam?" she smiled. Mom took a second, then hugged Olivia saying, "My God, it is you Ollie. I'm meeting you after nearly 10 years." "I had to come and visit you and baby maam. I'm just so sorry I couldn't come before."  

Olivia had been Radhika's nanny as a baby for a year or two.

She took out a packet from her bag and gave it to Radhika whom she still called baby. The packet contained a small Christmas cake, wrapped lovingly. "Thank you so much Ollie aunty," said Radhika, tasting the cake. It had a heavenly taste, more so because the ingredients included love, care, tenderness and warmth.

It was the best Christmas Cake Radhika had ever tasted.
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