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What is a Bhajan? A Look at Indian Devotional Songs, Courtesy

What is a Bhajan? A Look at Indian Devotional Songs

The term 'Bhajan' is used in India to refer to any devotional song. Bhajans are sung all across the country to praise God and express one's deep love & devotion towards the almighty. Bhajans are gentle, melodious songs which provide immense peace and happiness to the person/s who sing it and those people who listen to it.

Singing Bhajans

A bhajan can be sung with or without accompanying musical instruments. Usually, instruments such as dholak, manjira, jhanj, daphli and the chimta are played while singing devotional songs or bhajans.

Bhajans can be simple chants or a song which is constructed using ragas & other elements of Indian Classical Music. They can be sung individually or by groups of people together, in unison. Either way, they are known to spread good vibes and rekindle one's love & faith in God.

History of Bhajans
The tradition of singing bhajans in India is age old. Some of the earliest composers of bhajans were devotees like Mira Bai, Surdas, Kabir, Tulsidas, etc. The most popular bhajan themes include verses from the Ramayan and other Hindu scriptures, praises of Gods & Goddesses and their glory.

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