Friday, March 01, 2013

The 5 Best Ways to Market Your Freelance Business

The 5 Best Ways to Market Your Freelance Business

The Internet provides us with opportunities for making money that didn't exist in the 1900s. Those who have specific skills can offer their work to those in various locations without leaving the comfort of the home. As telecommunications have increased exponentially since the inception of the Internet, freelance work of all kinds can be provided by those who have skills.

However, how does one market themselves well in a world full of freelance competition?

1. Social Media - Social websites such as Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube can be a great boon for the freelancer. Depending on the type of skills you possess, any one of these free sites can become a great method of showing off your talents.

Facebook is generally good for self-promotion of all kinds. The more clients "like" your page, the greater are your chances for return business and new clients. Every person that comments on your page leaves a trail for their friends to follow.

t can show off your graphic design skills and generate great interest in your work. Creating amazing works of art or altering photographs can open doors you didn't know were unlocked. Backlinks to your website, should you have one, can give potential clients a chance to see more and develop interest in contacting you.

YouTube is another social site that can be beneficial for promotion regardless of your skills. Obviously, freelance video and sound editing can be promoted through YouTube, but did you know that a great deal of artists from painters to musicians promote freelancing through video?

2. Website or Blog -
Maintaining your own website or blog is a great way to establish a base of operations pertaining to your skill. Regardless of your freelance abilities, a website of some kind can give potential clients the opportunity to experience some of your talent as well as provide a payment portal for future work. The possibilities are endless for creating your website and it gives the client a method to contact you. 

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