Thursday, July 04, 2013

Advertising Articles - The Changing Face of Advertising

Advertising Articles - The Changing Face of Advertising

Advertising has come a long way indeed. During early days of advertising, the use of loud speakers was made in a major way which helped in gathering of the people to listen to and pay attention, while the pasting of black and white pamphlets on area walls was in vogue for generating people response and creating awareness. These methods of promotion were mainly deployed usually for conveying either important ceremonial announcements or some political gatherings. The usage of advertising was not much commercial but informative in nature and the major participants were people who belonged to either a political outfit or to the government. The participation of business community was minimal. Till such time, the advertising industry had not taken any formal shape and name.      

With evolution of time, advertising started taking different shapes by modifying itself through changing dynamics regard to commercialization and changing people needs


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