Sunday, September 01, 2013

How to Get Repeat Clients for Your Content Writing Business

How to Get Repeat Clients for Your Content Writing Business

Clients are great, repeat clients are awesome!
Repeat customers or clients are those kind souls who hired you once, liked what your business had to offer and came back to hire your services again. Repeat clients act as icing on cake; they add tremendous value to any enterprise and play the role of walking-talking publicists, authenticating your tall claims & giving you a reason to have that child-like smile on your face.

While there is no denying that customers or clients are the reason why we do business, repeat clients act as that much awaited bonus, return on investment (ROI) or that little extra that we all crave for. They give us a reason to rejoice, they tell us we’ve done it right.

Consider this: You spend a good two weeks spicing up your marketing plans, promoting your services on social media and spending way over your budget in advertising with one aim in mind - to win new customers and get more work. All of a sudden you check your mail and you see a familiar name – a past client who wants to hire you again! Voila! You’ve just got yourself a new project.

The moral of the story: Getting business from past clients takes considerably less time & fewer efforts as compared to attracting new clients and building clientele from scratch, provided you did it right the first time they hired you and thereafter.

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