Friday, September 13, 2013

The Stationery Shop - Short Story about Helpful Boy

The Stationery Shop - Short Story about Helpful Boy

Mrs. Richards was a fat old woman who helped her husband run a shop of stationery items. Both husband and wife had their little store on the high street of the village of ‘Green Meadows’. They kept their shop closed in the weekends, opened late in the mornings of weekdays and closed early. Their shop was just opening at eleven, on Monday morning, when Myra arrived.

She came in with her son Billy. “I want a box of pencils, a ruler, some erasers and sharpeners. Do be quick Mrs. Richards. I have other shopping to do.” “Please sit down Myra. I will get your things in a moment,” said Mr. Richards. “Well hurry up man. I do not have the whole day,” replied Myra rudely. Poor Mr. Richards went about getting the items ready for his customer. It took him a couple of minutes. By the time the bill was made Myra was really irritated. “It seems Mr. Richards, from now on I will need to spend one hour for every purchase I make in your shop. Really you two oldies need to hire help or shut down shop,” said Myra insolently. “Come on Billy. Are you going to stay in here forever?” “Coming mommy,” Billy said pushing a pile of exercise books with his feet. Mr. Richards had to put back the fallen copies where they were kept against the desk. It was a big pile and he huffed and puffed getting up.

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