Monday, November 04, 2013

Barot, Glorious Weekend Destination in Himachal Pradesh

Barot, Glorious Weekend Destination in Himachal Pradesh

After driving through lonely serpentine narrow roads, disciplined terraced fields, and thick cedar forests for 30 kms and crossing the most obscure villages like Jhatingri and Tikkan, one reaches BAROT, a village at an altitude of 1819 metres, which lays forgotten in sands of time but have one of the most unique pasts I have ever come across.


Way back in 1925, British officer Colonel Betty saw hydroelectric potential of the UHL river and thus came up the reservoir of the Shannon Hydel Power Project, possibly one of the oldest in India. In order to facilitate the transportation of the construction material for the project a haulage trolley was set up to connect Joginder Nagar from Barot. It also served the dual purpose of transport for the local populace till 1975 as Barot didn’t had a road link.

The trolley has since fallen in bad times and is presently non-functional. A pleasant walk along the river will take you to the site of once magnificent haulage trolley track which is now covered in flower beds. In fact, you can find remnants of the track all around Barot. It is a marvel to see the steep ascent of the trolley track and it really must have been one hell of an adventure to ride atop it.

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