Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Introducing New Designations Benefit Organizations and Employees

Introducing New Designations Benefit Organizations and Employees

With the IT industry getting older, there is a need for it to evolve into something better and stronger. The industry needs to look and plan for a long future. There is a need to look for new trends and change processes. The IT Industry reached its boom a long time back & the industry now has an excess of experienced manpower. We, from the human resources department have a lot of work to do. In the name of cost cutting, we have to lay the knife on experienced professionals. For any HR team, the most difficult thing is to terminate employees. The IT industry needs to come in sync with salaries and the benefits offered to freshers should be reduced across all companies with the aim of cost cutting. The problem lies at the beginner's stage. The trainees need to work hard and prove their worth in an organization to deserve better salary and perks. They should not be given everything on  a platter simply on the basis of their education.

Today, we also are facing the problem of excess in the IT Industry. There are too many team leaders, project leaders and project managers in the industry but some of them actually do not have a team under them. Most of the team leaders or project leaders are still playing the role of developers. For the sake of giving them a designation, they are named as team leaders and project leaders. The Management & HR team together should work on bringing new designations to reduce the problem of excess at the top levels. For example, it takes about 6 to 8 years to become a team leader for any organization. We can add a couple of new designations before the post of a team leader so that it takes 9 to 12 years for them to become a team leader. If you have a couple of new designations before that of a team leader, you are still giving promotions to employees but they will take more time to reach the top. Doing so will help the organization to keep a proper balance of employees at different levels. For example, you can have designations like Specialist & Assistant Team Leader before the Team Leader designation. You can also think of some other innovative designations.

The IT industry needs to grow to the next level. We had a host of challenges at the start of the industry and now, we are facing some different challenges. From the HR point of view, new designations at different levels will add good value to the industry. It will bring in a change of perspective. You will have strong professionals at the top with solid and good experience. Currently, we are seeing a lot of senior professionals having higher designations but their work results show that they are not that capable. 

Probably they need a lot more hands-on experience down the line to become better professionals at the top. The IT Industry will have to start thinking out of box for it to evolve to the next level.    

Contributing Writer: Pankaj Kumar Sinha, I am working as Assistant Manager for HR Department for R Systems International Ltd. I have done my M.B.A in Human Resources from National Institute of Business Management. My hobbies are cooking, travelling and reading books. I am published author of book 'Call Center & BPO Recruitment Manual' from Bright Publications.

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