Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Adventure Story - The Three Friends

Adventure Story - The Three Friends

Tom, Julian and Dan were fast friends. They went to the same school and were neighbors too. One day, they decided to go for a walk near the river side. They took Dan’s red ball to play with. They played for a long time. When they got tired, they sat down at the river’s edge to rest. They watched river boats go to and fro. “I want to go on a boat one day to the other side of the river,” said Julian. “We will go with you. I will borrow my dad’s fishing rod,” said the other two.

They played for some more time then sat down under the shade of a big tree to rest. “I am hungry Tom. Did you get something to eat?” asked his two friends. “Well Martha made me a few sandwiches. Didn’t you guys get any grub?” “Sure I have chocolate cake my mom made yesterday and some lemonade.” spoke Julian. “I only had time to grab some grapes and oranges,” Dan laughed.

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