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Different Styles of Paintings from India - Vibrant Paintings from States of India

Different Styles of Paintings from India - Vibrant Paintings from States of India

Vibrant Indian Paintints Cave Paintings, Tanjur Paintings, Madhubani Paintings, Kalamkari Paintings, Pata Chitra, Miniature Paintings, etc.

Out of all the art forms known to man, expressing oneself through hand paintings is perhaps one of the most fascinating of all. In fact, for thousands of years, humans have been using simple lines and easily available colours to sketch and draw their day to day activities as well as express their inherent thoughts and feelings. The famous cave paintings of Ajanta and Ellora (1st - 5th century A.D.) and the paintings found on simple pots dating back to the Indus Valley Civilization (3rd century B.C.) hold testimony of this trend.

Let's take a look at some of the different styles & techniques of paintings in India

1. Kalamkari Paintings

The term Kalamkari basically refers to a technique of painting using pen work (Kalam - pen & Kari - work). The style of Kalamkari paintings originate from Chittoor district in Andhra Pradesh. The defining features of these paintings are their beautiful, larger than life figures with large eyes. Kalamkari paintings primarily have a traditional, mythological theme and depict epic scenes from the Mahabharat, Ramayan, Panchatantra & Jataka tales, etc. Kalamkari paintings have a thick border all around with the theme and story clearly visible. A number of raw materials are used to prepare one Kalamkari painting. What is interesting to note is that all materials used are natural products, derived from nature. The outlines of the drawings are made using the tip of a kalam. These may be made by using burnt tamarind twigs after dipping them in molasses and iron filings. Next, colour is filled within the drawings.

2. Madhubani Paintings
Famous for their intricate details and eye catching beauty, Madhubani paintings (also known as Mithila Paintings) are a produce of Madhubani village in Bihar. These paintings were traditionally made on mud walls of huts and later, these paintings were drawn on cloth and handmade paper. The defining feature of Madhubani Paintings are straight lines filled with vibrant, lively and bright colours. The theme of these paintings include images of Hindu gods and goddesses like Rama, Sita, Krishna, Durga, etc and holy signs & symbols as well as special events such as weddings, etc.  

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