Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Coping with Spondylosis - True Story

Coping with Spondylosis - True Story       

I was known as a chubby baby. Being the first child I was pampered by my grandparents. My parents being new to parenthood, were unaware of the nutritional needs of a growing toddler. I was fed with whatever my heart desired. I grew up to be an overweight child, teenager and later as an adult.

Exercise and proper diet was not a part of me for years. I always wondered about the ‘health freaks' that I called them, thinking why were they so bothered about being slim and healthy all the time? My motto for life a few years back was 'Eat what you like as life is short'.

During my teenage years, I used to enjoy fast food. At that point of time, I was least bothered about cholesterol, trans fat or saturated fat products. I just went along feeding my body what my heart desired. Being 'fat' I did not have a posture and presence of myself and I used to follow the mindset of others. I did not have any purpose in life and I did not even know myself. I always used to question myself for what was my goal in life and what I had to achieve but could I if I was not even aware of my strengths and weaknesses?

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