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The Innocent Thief - Short Adventure Story, Content Writer India

The Innocent Thief - Short Story

In the town of Vishalnagar, strange occurrences had started taking place. Each time, when one of the families living there celebrated an event, a theft took place. The burglar had no interest in cash or valuables. He only took away cooked food. As housewives packed away left-over grub from their parties in their fridge and kitchen cabinets, it was sure to be gone in the morning.

Mr. & Mrs. Verma had celebrated their first wedding anniversary the night before and lo & behold all the left-over goodies had disappeared the next morning. The same happened with Mrs. Shukla who had given a party for her granddaughter’s ‘namkaran ceremony’.

Today, Atul and Neela Bakshi were throwing a party for their son Neelabh’s 12th birthday. Neelabh’s cousins Veer, Tina and Taru had come with their parents to attend the party. They lived close by in the next town. Neelabh had told his cousins about the unsolved mystery of the disappearing left-over food from each party taking place in Vishalnagar. “Never fear Neelabh, the thief will be caught this time,” said Veer with confidence. “Well, up till now, no one has been able to nab the culprit,” replied Neelabh. “People must be leaving their doors unlocked at night,” added Tina. “Ya, that has to be the reason,” chirped vivacious Taru who was the youngest of them all. Soon it was evening and the party was in full swing. Neelabh’s school friends came with gifts. Chocolate cake, chicken sandwiches, bread roll and an assortment of sweetmeats were laid on the table. After the party, Neelabh’s mother instructed the servants to put away the left-over goodies for the kids to have for breakfast next morning.

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