Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Creative Writing Website Gets a New Look

Creative Writing Website Gets a New, User Friendly Look

Creative writing is a wonderful outlet for expressing one's innermost thoughts and feelings as well as inspiring & motivating others with real life experiences. 

What: Creative writing website www.writershideout gets a completely new look and feel. The recently refurbished website now has an easy navigation structure and makes it possible to share your feedback on individual posts. 

Highlights: The website celebrates creativity, spiritualism and everyday deeds of courage & belief. It provides a large collection of personal & spiritual stories, musings, poems, adventure & humour stories as well as inspirational writing that can motivate, inspire & entertain you. 

Gain inspiration & motivation from others' personal experiences and lend a voice to your own thought processes.

Whether you are a creative writer who dares to think differently, a spiritual person, interested in sharing your spiritual experiences with others, or a person who likes to inspire others through your own acts of courage, this is the place for you.

To publish your creative contributions, email us : info@writershideout.net

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