Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Fabrics & Sarees from India

Fabrics & Sarees from India

Beautiful Indian Sarees for Weddings, Bridal Wear, Festivals & Daily Wear

India is a large and diverse country that produces many different varieties of textiles and fabrics across its numerous states and cities. Perhaps the most popular traditional Indian garment is the saree which is made using many distinctive textiles, fabrics, colours, patterns, motifs, designs and precious zari, bead & stone work, etc.

No matter what your individual style maybe, you are sure to find a beautiful sari that will match your taste, given the large collection of stunning Indian sarees available in India. And the best part, saris can be worn at almost all occasions be it weddings, formal parties, family get togethers and more!

Let's take a look at some different varieties of fabrics used to make saris in India -

1. Cotton Saris - Cotton saris are evergreen sarees which never go out of style, especially in those parts of India where the heat becomes unbearable in the summer months. Light, airy and comfortable, cotton saris are woven in almost all parts of the country such as West Bengal, Bihar, etc. The most preferred design on cotton saris include block-prints, floral motifs and animal prints. Fab India has an interesting range of cotton saris.   

2. Silk Saris - Heavy silk sarees are very popular in India and are especially worn by women while attending special occasions such as weddings, etc. There are many different kinds of silk sarees available. Here are some of them - 

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