Thursday, October 16, 2014

Inequality - A Gnawing Malady, Threatening the World at Large

Inequality - A Gnawing Malady, Threatening the World at Large
Inequality is a man-made term. The world wasn't intended for this. I wonder how many of us even notice the growing inequality that is rampant today. It is true though, that the rich are growing richer and the poor poorer. Why is this so?

The tendency to hoard and collect is evident among the upper class of our society. As soon as a new product is launched in the market, each one of us wants to own it, regardless of whether we need it or not. Shop windows showcase such glitter and glimmer that shoppers get fascinated and end up buying things that are actually not needed.

It is so sad to see so many people who do not even have enough to eat or wear while there are others who have overflowing cupboards and cabinets. It is not that one section of the community doesn't work hard. They do slog the whole day but still cannot earn enough to lead a comfortable life. We see so many homeless persons while travelling but how many of us stop to think of their plight? If the rich and powerful took a little time out to contribute to social upliftment of the less fortunate, the world would become a much better place to live in. There is no doubt that charity begins from home.

Many households have extra food everyday which gets thrown without a second thought. If each one of us realised how wasting anything, especially food is a moral and social crime, many unfortunate human beings would benefit. With the festive season approaching, most of us splurge on shopping for the home and family. Spare a thought for that poor, weak and homeless child who hasn’t tasted good food ever in his life. Why not feed the homeless and less fortunate to a good healthy meal?

Have a lot of food leftover from your party this afternoon? Instead of wasting it, distribute it among the poor roadside hungry kids who have never experienced the joy of celebration. The Government too can increase job opportunities and help the unemployed by sanctioning funds to take care of their day to day expenses till they find a job to support themselves.

Let’s all make a pledge to do whatever we can to support, help and uplift the poor and needy so that we can get rid of this growing inequality before it threatens to become a malady and a barrier to progressive development of a nation. 

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