Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Khajuraho, City of Beautiful Temples in Madhya Pradesh, India

Khajuraho, City of Beautiful Temples, Madhya Pradesh, India

Madhya Pradesh is a colorful Indian state which is home to many culturally and historically significant towns and cities. In addition to the Architecture, Forts & Temples at Orchha, Madhya Pradesh, Khajuraho is another well known town.

The small town of Khajuraho was once, the capital city of the Chandela rulers. Today, Khajuraho lies in the plains of Madhya Pradesh and is more popularly known for its beautiful temples which bring back reminisces of the past and highlight the bygone era. Due to their fine detailing and architectural magnificence depicting the Indo Aryan architecture,

Here is a list of Must-Sees in Khajuraho

Beautiful Temples: Excellence in Architecture – divided into 3 geographical groups

Temple Group - Western

1. Chausat Yogini Temple, Khajuraho:
If you are in Khajuraho, you must visit the Chausat Yogini Temple which is dedicated to Goddess Kali and is named after the 64 yoginis or attendants who were at Goddess Kali’s service. Made out of granite stone, this is perhaps the oldest temple of the time and was built to hold 64 cells for the images of the yoginis.

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