Thursday, November 13, 2014

Children's Day Special - The Mystery at the Fun-Fair, Kids Stories

The Mystery at the Fun-Fair

Moira, Gerald & Darla were joined by their cousins Violet and Justin this summer. Their aunt and uncle were busy redecorating 'Russet Villa'. The neighbourhood of 'Snowhite Cottage' was getting geared up for a fun-fair. The money raised would be used for the upliftment and improvement of the various parks in the township. Every member of this small town was pitching in to make the coming event a huge success. "Aunt Susan, tell us how we can help during the fair," said Justin. "Yes, I want to help you aunt in whatever you are going to do at the fair," added Violet. "Well, I have decided to make book-marks and greeting cards to sell at the fair. You can help me decorate them together with Moira, Gerald and Darla," said Susan. "I don't think Darla should help. She is so clumsy," spoke up Justin in a hurry. "No, I'm not," sulked Darla. "Oh! Alright! Don't start fighting you two," said Moira.     

The children spent a good part of each day helping Susan prepare book-marks and greeting cards. Violet has a flair for sketching and Moira was good at painting and colouring. The pile of greeting cards were looking beautiful and so were the bookmarks. Gerald, Justin and Moira were busy making envelopes for the greeting cards.

Read the full story here: The Mystery at the Fun-Fair

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