Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Why is Christmas So Important For Me - Poetry on Christmas

Why is Christmas So Important For Me
A is for Angels
Guarding one and all

B is for Bells
Clanging all day long

C is for Candles
That lights up the nights

D is for Dancing
Oh! What a Christmas sight

E is for Elves
Find them all around

F is for Family
A great time to bond

G is for Gifts
For some one you love

I is for Ink
To paint a lovely dove

J is for Jesus Christ
That what’s Christmas is all about

K is for Karaoke
To carol and sing aloud

L is for Lamps
That lights up the way

M is for Merry
And good wishes for the day

N is for Newness
That’s what the season brings

O is for Ornaments
Are some of my favorite things

P is for Pine trees
Standing up so tall

Q is for quills
Just hang them on the wall

R is for Reindeer
Who’ll drive Santa’s Sleigh

S is for Santa
Just on his way

T is for Tinsel
Be careful it may break

U is for the Unity
A time to stay awake

V is for Venus
The star of love upon the tree

W is for the wise lists
It’s better to give than receive

X is for Xmas
A Merry Xmas from me to you

Y is for Yuletide
And waltzing two by two

Z is for zeal
To stop, think, and feel

Why is this Christmas so important for me?

Contributed By- Theresa Micheal


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