Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Short Story for Kids - Chikku's Visit to the Town

Short Story for Kids - Chikku's Visit to the Town

Chikku, the cute little rat, lived in a village with his parents. They used to go out and bring food for him, and he used to play outside with his friends. At night, they eat their food together, sitting and chatting.

One day Chikku’s neighbor’s son, Mittu, came from the town for a holiday. Seeing their lifestyle, Mittu said, “You know, I get very good and tasty food there. I need not go out and work like your parents. Why don’t you also join me when I return to the town, after a week?”

Chikku and his parents agreed to go with Mittu to the town. They were excited to see the town. “Mittu, I’m very hungry. I want to eat something now,” said Chikku. He was tired and eager to taste the wonderful food his friend mentioned.

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