Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Nuances of Effective Parenting - Managing Teenaged Children

Nuances of Effective Parenting - Managing Teenage Children

Parenting is a very challenging job, just like a Roller Coaster ride. It is very difficult to eminently raise, teach, discipline, praise and love your child. Parents need very good skills to deal decently with children especially teenagers. Everyone wants the children to grow up into responsible adults. For this we indoctrinate them with necessary skills and cultural values.

Basic needs to become good parents are innumerable but most of us are muddled about dos and don’ts. A very tricky part in parenting comes when the child steps into Adolescence. During puberty many physical and mental changes occur in the teens. Their ways of interacting with the parents transform. The children are affected more psychologically as they are confused about the ways of life. They are disoriented which results in critical questionings. Teenagers aspire to be independent but parents must know where to draw the line.

Teens anticipate respectful behavior from the parents and they give what they get. Include them in all the family matters as they are also a part of the clan. Conflicts arise when it comes to choosing friends as parents want to protect them from abuses like drugs and sexual. But constant bickering may lead to grave complications like depression, violence or truancy. Parents must keep an eye on child’s mates but never criticize them.

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