Friday, December 11, 2015

The Power of Music | Music Therapy | Music Articles

Music has played a vital role in the lives of human beings from time immemorial. There is an almost unexplainable bond between humans and music and this is evident from the fact that music occupies a place in our daily lives from morning till night.

Music & You

When we are happy, we celebrate by listening to our favourite kind of music. When we are sad, we like to reflect in the company of slow and soft music. Such is the power of music! From listening to a cassette of your favourite Bhajan first thing in the morning to tuning into a variety of FM Radio Stations during breakfast or while driving to office, we even carry music with us on our cell phones, car radio, CD Players and I pods. 

During lunch, many offices play upbeat music to fight mid afternoon / post lunch lethargy. Evening offers some time to rest and relax when most individuals like to watch TV or even shake a leg at a disco. Night time calls for some soothing, soft music that helps to rest and unwind before finally turning in for the day.

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