Friday, December 02, 2016

Writing Web Copy That Gets Results – Have You Tried Asking?

Writing Web Copy That Gets Results – Have You Tried Asking?

 In this age of information overload, online readers are highly distracted, what with so many websites vying for their attention. Pressed for time, the average web surfer is in a hurry to find information quickly. In the midst of such a mad rush, it is easy for your website to get lost in the clutter.

What then can you do to make an impact on your readers, quickly?
How can you hold their attention long enough to get them to do what you want them to do?

Begin with Persuasive Copywriting

Ask any copy writing expert and he / she will tell you how important it is to have a significant dialogue with your readers when writing web copy. Since the average reader spends just a few seconds on a website, it is your job to catch their attention quickly with a power-packed headline. 

Once the headline catches their eye, and they begin to read further, the first few sentences of your article or web copy must arouse their interest to know more. Your web copy must be written from the heart so that it solves their problem, provides an alternative, or relieves them of their stress. Your copywriting must strike a chord with your readers and make them feel at home. Use effective copy to showcase yourself as a professional, dependable and trustworthy company.

Good copywriting is incomplete without a Strong Call-To-Action

Sometimes all it takes for your web readers to take a desired action is your asking them to do it! Sounds simple enough, yes? It is simple and also very effective!

Ask your readers to take a definite action. Ask them to give you their feedback, sign up for your newsletter or place an order for your product & services.

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